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Sliders (Ranger '19-'23)

Sliders (Ranger '19-'23)

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  • Prices Include Shipping to Lower 48
  • Includes Both Left and Right
  • Perfect fit with BamBed Platform 
  • 1/2" Thick
  • Made from high quality Baltic Birch Plywood that is extremely strong and stable.
  • More Info Below>>

Sliders are a simple and multi-functional compliment to the BamBeds Sleeping Platform. They enable quick access to the entire cargo area of the truck bed. The low profile design doesn't appreciably reduce total available cargo volume in the way that higher profile rolling drawer systems do.

Like the rest of the BamBeds system, sliders are not permanently attached to the truck and can be installed and removed promptly.

The flat design leaves the user with a wide array of cargo loading configurations and encourages using totes, bins, and bags that you already own.

Besides quick cargo access, sliders also provide a flat surface on or extending out from the tailgate area. When partially extended, sliders nearly double the functional horizontal surface of the tailgate. They prove useful for a wide variety of tasks - especially cooking.

When working on the cantilevered sliders it is important to be mindful of the amount of weight you keep at the forward end which determines the amount of overhang possible. Keeping heavy items like tools, or water on the forward end of sliders is advisable.

The material used is the same high-quality Birch that the BamBed sleeping platform is made from and in the same way there are numerous options for simple DIY customization:

-Attaching additional hardware for organizational purposes
-Carpeting with Adhesive Carpet Squares (easy on the knees and good for delicate cargo)
-Preserving and enriching the natural wood aesthetic with a Poly Coat

Current Lead Time:

2-3 Business Days

*Patent Pending*

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