DIY Accessories

Marine EVA Foam (Boat Decking): Link Here

This is my Most Highly Recommended Accessory besides a Mattress! Material is absolutely magic! It will provide a soft, supple surface for your knees and it looks amazing, stays cleaner than carpet and doesn't mold. Costs about $150 to cover a full BamBeds kit and takes about 30 minutes to install via stapler. Light sanding and vacuuming of the wood is recommend to prep the surface.

Checkout my Install Video Here!

Mattress Options

This trifold mattress has three segments that are each 25" wide which allows the mattress to fold neatly on top of the 24" wide BamBed boards when they are stacked at the forward end of the bed. It also has a removable cover which allows for easy cleaning. Each segment is 4" thick. 

Link Here: Full Size Trifold



This 4 part mattress has two large segments that are each 28" wide and two short segments that are each 10" wide. All segments are 4.5" thick. Each segment can be removed by unzipping the segment cover which enables the user to change the total length of the mattress one segment at a time. By removing one or two of the short segments, this mattress will fit snugly in the back of the short bed with the tailgate closed. If you decide to order the BamBed tailgate extension option later you can just add back the removed mattress segments and then use this mattress for the full 6' platform as well.

Link Here: 4 Segment Mattress



Storage Bins

Link Here: Rubbermaid Cleverstore Clear 41 Qt/10.25 Gal


Adhesive Carpet Squares are an easy way to provide a more comfortable surface to lay on, help protect the wood in the long term and provide a more grippy surface. For all you dog lovers out there this is much more comfortable for paws than the plain old plastic tacoma bed. These are also great if you carry surfboards, model airplanes, or other delicate cargo as they provide a small amount of cushion which prevents rattling.

You will need a minimum of 2 sets to cover a short bed platform and 3 sets for a long bed platform or short bed platform with extension. 

Link Here: Carpet Squares

Adhesive Foam Tape

This tape will make the BamBed boards feel softly and gently supported and will hold the boards with a little bit of extra friction. They also aid in sound deadening and will provide extra protection for the wood. One roll is enough to cover the entire bed ledge of the tacoma. If you hear any creaking when you're climbing into bed, this tape is what you need to keep things quiet!

Link Here: Adhesive Foam Tape

Tailgate Tent

When camping with the tailgate extension it's nice to keep your feet dry and add some privacy to your setup with a tailgate tent. This can also be nice even without the tailgate extension as it provides a weatherproof space for setting your shoes while you crawl into bed.

Link Here: Tailgate Tent

Multi Purpose Battery

Super useful for a variety of reasons. Has every type of common outlet USB-C, USB, DC, AC and with a capacity of 300Wh, it'll run a 50W heated blanket through the cold parts of the night. Can be charged with AC or DC. Awesome accessory for winter camping and eliminates the need for complex wiring or a solar installation on your camper shell.

Link Here: Jackery Explorer 300

Heated Blanket

Compatible with Jackery or any other 12v power supply. Works great for winter camping or for preheating the bed before you climb in. It has about a 50w power draw and will run for 5-6 hours with a 300Wh Battery.

Link Here: DC Electric Blanket