Use and Care Guide

Installation Tips:

Remove these plastic cleats (below) in your bed by unscrewing them, rotating them by 90 degrees and pulling. This will give you much more room to drop in your boards. 


Short Bed Extension Install:

Place two universal boards at the forward end of the bed, the tailgate extension at the aft end, and then install the feet.

Long Bed Extension Install:

Place the headboard at the forward end of the bed, two universal boards in the middle and the tailgate extension at the aft end, then install the feet.

Bamboo Care:

Mineral oil is applied to the bamboo during initial finishing to protect from moisture and to bring out the best colors from the material. If you notice your Bamboo starting to fade you can reapply basic mineral oil to restore the finish.

Birch Care:

If your boards are used in wet environments, i.e. not under a camper shell, exposed to fish guts or have wetsuits left soaking for days. It can be beneficial to coat your boards with a water based polyurethane sealant.


If you want to do a deeper refinishing of your boards, use a 150-250 grit sand paper with a finishing sander to eliminate any stains or blend away scratches.