Why I Started BamBeds

Showing Owner and His Wife on BamBed in the back of their Tacoma

I needed a platform that didn't prevent me from using my truck for truck stuff and allowed me to pack whatever stuff I could fit under a camper shell.

Drawer systems wouldn't let me use my truck like a truck, they're really best for people that are full time overlanders or tradesmen. At the time, I was more of a weekend camper and would do frequent 2-3 day trips from San Diego up the 395 to explore the eastern sierras or south of the boarder for Baja surf trips with my future wife.

So I bought two 3/4" 4'x8's and I used a jigsaw to make 3x panels that would sit on the existing ledge that runs the whole length of the bed in the tacoma. These 3 panels could be stacked at the front when I needed to pack big stuff and they could be removed entirely when I was working on house projects and needed to make a dump run or something like that.

I used this 3 panel platform for about 5 years in my 2009 Tacoma Long Bed and despite the super ugly splintered wood and rough cuts, we loved it and it met all of our truck camping needs.

With an established love of vehicle engineering and growing interest in business, I decided to give a shot at bringing this minimalist truck bed platform to people that didn't have the time to build their own.

If you want to build the tacoma design yourself - it's not hard but it does take a dedicated Saturday. The dimensions of each board are about 57"x24" and you can use a piece of paper to trace the notches for the tailgate area.

If you just want to get on the road and not bother with the hassle of another DIY project. This is for you,
My Original Long Bed Tacoma Design

Enjoy exploring the world!