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Leveling Platform (4Runner '10-'24)

Leveling Platform (4Runner '10-'24)

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Creates a foundation for a mattress to sit which will provide a comfortable space to sleep and ultimately saves your back from bending. It gives a few inches of cargo space underneath, perfect for low-profile items like a tow strap, cooking utensils, first aid kit, etc... It works with the seats up or down so you can leave it in full-time.

The handles in each of the boards are designed to align with the D rings in the 4Runner which allows for a secure tie-down point should you decide to load cargo on top of the platform or if you want to secure the platform to the vehicle with straps during rough driving.


Vehicle Compatibility:

Model Year: 2010-2024

Not Compatible: 3rd-row seats, Sliding Tray


Recommended Mattress:

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*Patent Pending*

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