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BamBed - (Ford Ranger '19-'23)

BamBed - (Ford Ranger '19-'23)

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Tailgate Extension


  • Install/Remove in 2 minutes
  • Platform can be optionally used with boards stacked to make more room
  • Precise Fit
  • Optional Tailgate Extension Sleeps two Adults in a Short Bed Ranger 
  • Cam Buckle Strap points to secure the platform to the truck bed for hard off road driving. (These are not needed for daily on road driving with covered bed)
  • Made from high quality Birch Plywood that is extremely strong and stable.
  • Fits up to a Full size mattress - Recommended Mattress Link
  • Prices Include Shipping to the Lower 48

BamBed is a 3 panel multipurpose sleeping platform designed specifically for the Ford Ranger. It sits above the wheel wells supported by two rails that run the full length of the bed. Being above the wheel wells enables a 60" wide sleeping area suitable for two adults on a full-size mattress. The multi-segment design allows for quick reconfiguration as needed to transport tall items like coolers or mountain bikes. Unlike permanently fastened drawer or deck systems, this platform can be removed in under a minute with no tools - allowing full use of your truck bed when you need it. It is small enough to store in a closet when not in use.

Each board is made from an industrial-grade panel that has been precisely cut and finished with rounded edges for a smooth ergonomic feel. This isn't the splinter-filled and warped plywood that you'd buy at the local hardware store.


Long 6' Bed Option: This option includes a 1ft headboard which is placed at the forward part of the bed and two legs to support it.


Strength Guarantee
Each Board can support well over 500lbs on its own, the entire platform can support well beyond the payload capacity of the Ranger.
If a board were to ever break, we'll send you a replacement at no charge.

Tailgate Extension Option

The tailgate extension option increases the usable sleeping length by 19.3" for a total 6' 5" long sleeping platform that utilizes the tailgate for support. The extension fits snugly between the tailgate bulkhead which prevents any unwanted shifting and results in a very well-secured platform.

This option comes in addition to the regular boards so you can choose to sleep on the platform with the tailgate closed or on the extension with the tailgate open.


About the Material

The panels are made from long, continuous grain sheets that have an even ply thickness all the way through the laminate. This means that the entire sheet of plywood is extremely stable over time and highly resistant to warping and delaminating (even with water exposure). The thick face plys of the Birch are tough and resistant to scratching and splintering. If you want to customize the look and feel of your boards, the Birch provides a blank slate for you to stain or carpet.


Enable quick access to the entire cargo underneath the platform. The low profile design doesn't appreciably reduce total available cargo volume in the way that higher profile rolling drawer systems do.

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Recommended Mattress: Trifold Full




Load Capacity: 1000 lbs

Weight (single board): 20lbs

Vertical Storage Space Under Boards: 8" without sliders, 7.5" with sliders

Without Tailgate Extension

Length: 58"

Diagonal: 79"

With Tailgate Extension

Length: 77"

Diagonal Length: 93"


DIY Customization

-Carpeting with Adhesive Carpet Squares (easy on the knees and good for delicate cargo)
-Preserving and enriching the natural wood aesthetic with a Poly Coat

*Patent Pending*

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