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BamBed for Bed Stiffeners (Tacoma '05-'23)

BamBed for Bed Stiffeners (Tacoma '05-'23)

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This version of BamBed has a cutout on one side of the boards which enables compatibility with a wide range of common bed stiffeners including the following brands: Total Chaos, Cali Raised, Bell Fabrication, Wescott Designs, Rago Fabrication

The opposite side of the boards has the normal shape which can be used with the stock tacoma bed should the user decide to remove bed stiffeners.

Do you need bed stiffeners? If yes, which ones should you buy?

If you don't have bed stiffeners and you're not planning on hard-core rock crawling or high-speed off-road driving, you probably don't need them. If you really want them for peace of mind, and you also want to use the BamBeds sliders then buy the internal bed stiffeners made by 4 wheel parts. These internal stiffeners have no impact to the profile of the bed and they won't get in the way of the motion of the BamBeds sliders.

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