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Ford Maverick Sleeping Platform

Ford Maverick Sleeping Platform

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Transform Your Maverick into a Removable Modular Adventure HQ

Forget flimsy plywood platforms and cobbled-together camping solutions. BamBed is a precisely engineered, multi-configurable platform designed to seamlessly integrate with your Ford Maverick, maximizing functionality and minimizing fuss.

Laser-cut, industrial-grade Baltic Birch: This robust 18mm plywood boasts superior strength, rigidity, and a splinter-free, ergonomic finish. No warped lumber or DIY headaches here.

Perfect fit, zero wobble: Our meticulous design fills the bed from edge to edge, aligning flawlessly with the wheel wells.

Spacious sleeping platform: Accommodate two adults comfortably on a full-size mattress, thanks to the placement above the wheel wells.
Quick-reconfiguring panels: Easily adapt the platform to haul bulky gear like coolers and bikes – no tools required!
Removable in minutes: Need your bed back? Simply detach the panels and reclaim full bed functionality. Versatility on demand.

Durability You Can Trust:

Exceeds payload capacity: The entire platform supports more than the Maverick's payload limit.
Lifetime broken board warranty: We stand behind our craftsmanship. If a board ever breaks, we'll replace it promptly, free of charge.


10" vertical clearance: Utilize the space beneath the platform for additional gear storage. Pack smart, camp smarter.
Stackable panels: Need even more space? Stack the panels at the bed's front to accommodate larger items.

BamBed is more than just a platform; it's an extension of your Maverick, meticulously crafted to elevate your outdoor adventures. Ditch the compromises and experience the seamless integration of comfort, functionality, and durability.


Recommended Mattress
Full Size fits snugly with some compression at the tailgate area. Our Tailgate Extension Option is needed to support the full length.


Tailgate Tent

Need to keep your feet dry when sleeping on the extension with the tailgate down?
This is compatible with the Maverick and is a perfect complement to the BamBed tailgate extension option. 

DIY Customization

-Carpeting with Adhesive Carpet Squares (easy on the knees and good for delicate cargo)
-Painting or Staining with the color of your choice
-Preserving and enriching the natural wood aesthetic with a Poly Coat

*Patent Pending*

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