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BamBed (4Runner '10-'23)

BamBed (4Runner '10-'23)

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Bumper Board Extension

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Cargo Space Underneath Platform

Vertical Space is 9.2" in the aft cargo area.

Strength Guarantee
Each Board can support well over 500lbs on its own, the entire platform can support well beyond the payload capacity of the 4runner.
If a board or piece part were to ever break, we'll send you a replacement at no charge.

Vehicle Compatibility:

Model Year 2010-2023

Not compatible with 3rd-row seat option or Sliding Tray 


The height of the platform was designed to make the top of the mattress even with the seat bottoms, this allows more sleeping length while maintaining good headroom.

The rails of the platform were designed with access holes that provide the ability to reach underneath the platform to access the power outlet in the back of the 4runner and reach any cargo that is sitting on the folded-down seat backs.

The entire kit weighs about 80 lbs and each board is around 20 lbs so assembly can be performed quickly, by one person and typically takes about 2-3 minutes.

The outer contours of the platform were designed from a high-accuracy 3D scan of the 4runner interior and are closely conforming to the vehicle to minimize any unwanted motion and keep the platform securely in place.

*Patent Pending*

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