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BamBed Sleeping Platform (Long Bed Toyota Tacoma '05-Present)

BamBed Sleeping Platform (Long Bed Toyota Tacoma '05-Present)

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Tailgate Extension

BamBed is a 3 piece sleeping/utility platform designed for the Toyota Tacoma. It provides enough area to slide in up to a full-size trifold mattress, allowing the bed to remain made while storing gear underneath. It is a modular design that can be reconfigured to accommodate taller items such as mountain bikes, coolers, and camp furniture while you're on the road. Unlike permanently installed systems, this platform can be removed in under a minute with no tools - allowing full use of your truck bed when you need it. Each board handle has a 2" x 5" opening that may assist with user-friendly setup and removal of the platform as well as provide tie-down locations for securing cargo. 

Each Board is made from high-quality Bamboo or Birch Plywood with a smooth finish. All edges have been rounded so there are no hard corners which makes the wood very resistant to damage and splintering. 


Tailgate Extension Option

The long bed tailgate extension option provides a 7' 3" long sleeping platform that utilizes the tailgate for support. It is made from the same high-quality birch or bamboo and enables two or more very tall adults to sleep comfortably. The legs of the extension are spaced such that they sit securely in the grooves of the tailgate. The extension fits snugly between the tailgate bulkhead which prevents any unwanted shifting and results in a very well secured platform.

This option comes in addition to the regular universal boards so you can choose to sleep on the 6' platform with the tailgate closed or on the extension with the tailgate open.

Bamboo or Birch?

If you want the best possible aesthetic for your home away from home, bamboo provides a gorgeous natural finish. It is made from Architectural-grade bamboo plywood, an internationally recognized environmentally friendly material due to its rapid regrowth rate (full maturity in only 5-7 years). The Bamboo is coated with mineral oil as a final finishing step to bring out the most vivid color in the material and to provide moisture protection.

The Birch plywood is made from long, continuous grain sheets that have an even ply thickness all the way through the laminate. This means that the entire sheet of plywood is extremely stable over time and highly resistant to warping. The thick face plys of the Birch are tough and resistant to scratching and splintering. If you want to customize the look and feel of your boards, the Birch provides a blank slate for you to stain or carpet.


Rocking Bench

40% off with Birch Order (applied automatically at checkout)

Free with Bamboo Order (email me at after you place your Bamboo BamBed Order if you want a free rocker set)

Put your boards to use when they're not in the truck and grab a pair of rocking couch legs that turn two of the existing BamBed universal boards into the seat boards of a 3-person rocking bench.


Facts and Dimensions:

This product is compatible with all 2005-2022 Toyota Tacomas with the 6' bed.

1,000lbs is the maximum recommended load distributed evenly across all boards.

Dimensions (single board): 56.75"x24"x0.75"

Weight (single board): 22lbs (Birch and Bamboo)

Vertical Storage Space Under Boards: 9"


Bed Stiffener Modification Option

The universal and tailgate extension boards can be made modified to be compatible with a wide range of bed stiffeners. Please email if you would like your boards modified for bed stiffeners before they ship.


Mattress, Bins, and Carpet Kit

Please visit our Mattress, Bins, Carpet Guide for the most functional and cost-effective complements to the BamBeds platform. 


Real World Customer Experiences (Huge Thank you to the Tacoma World Community for helping BamBeds grow)


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